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Cosmetic Products Should be tested for Bacteria, But if Not…

Most cosmetic and personal care manufacturers and brands want to keep their customers safe when using their products. A big part of that safety is the testing that’s run on each formula and batch of what they produce. It’s common to run standard Aerobic Plate Count (USP 61), Yeast and Mold (USP 61), and Pathogen testing (USP 62) for each batch of products that they make, and Preservative Challenge Testing (USP 51) for each formula. If, for any reason, that’s not the case, your makeup bag could be crawling with potentially harmful bacteria. 

Unfortunately, there are studies out there that show that not all manufacturers and product producers go the extra mile when ensuring product safety, leading to contamination with E. coli, pseudomonas, salmonella, staphylococcus, and several other potentially harmful bacteria. Additionally, cosmetic products and accessories are often the perfect trap for humidity and sebum, providing the PERFECT breeding ground for bacterial growth  😒

What can cosmetic bacteria do to your body?

When you apply contaminated cosmetic products, there can be some serious consequences. Some of these dangers include the following;

  • Microbial contamination can easily cause acne and cracked or dry skin, and in the worst-case scenario, it could lead to cuts on your skin, which can be pretty painful. 
  • Contaminated products can also trigger an array of illnesses, including blood poisoning and skin infections. This could be even more dangerous to people with compromised immune systems. 
  • Pink Eye (And no one likes pink eye )

What can you do to keep your personal care products free from bacteria?

Now that you know about the dangers of contaminated cosmetic products and accessories, how can you ensure that your products remain clean and uncontaminated? Well, here is how;

  • For starters, stop sharing personal care products! Always use your own. 
  • Always store your products and applicators away from heat and moisture.
  • Whenever applying makeup, be sure to clean your hands first, and never leave your makeup jars open, especially in the bathroom. 
  • Sparingly used or expired (or past PAO date) products, should be discarded as they might be contaminated. 

Final thoughts

Always be careful with what you apply to your skin. With all the dangers of contaminated cosmetic products and accessories, you simply can’t ignore the importance of keeping your personal care products clean at all times. 

And as always, Adamson Analytical Laboratories provides cosmetic testing services to manufacturers and product producers of all sizes. Feel free to drop us a line HERE for more details on how we can help you protect your beloved customers.


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