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Turbidity and Colour measurment

Beyond visual inspection – new Turbidity and Colorimetry devices at VelaLabs

As a well known & trusted lab analysis partner for drug development to Pharma and Biotech companies VelaLabs continuously invests in state-of-the-art technology. A new turbidimeter TL 2360 and a new colorimeter Lico 690 have been installed.

According to pharmacopoeia Monographs Ph. Eur. Chapter 2.2.1 and USP <855 measurements of clarity and degree of opalescence of liquid pharmaceutical samples have to be determined in the quality process of medications.

Furthermore the degree of staining of liquid pharmaceutical samples has to be measured according to pharmacopoeia Monographs Ph. Eur. Chapter 2.2.2 and USP <1061>.


Turbidity measuring in the lab

Turbidity measuring is used to determine the solubility of drugs. In biochemical labs it can be used to measure protein-protein interactions (PPIs) or protein aggregation.

In immunology for example the main application of turbidity detection is in the development of new antibodies.


Measuring staining in the lab

Colorimetry determines the concentration of colored compounds in a sample solution. It is applied for protein quantification, which is an important step for handling protein samples for isolation and characterization and perequisite before conducting further analysis.


Advantages of the new devices

  • high sample throughput
  • easy handling
  • combined work of both devices in the same vial
  • higher precision of the measured value
  • no additional standards necessary due to regular calibration of the devices
  • better reproducibility
  • compared to the optical assessment of operators between reference samples the measurement with the devices is no longer subjective and also receives an exactly determined value compared to a determination between several standards.

With these state-of-the-art new analysis devices subjectivity in measuring is eliminated and measuring results are optimized.

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