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Adalimumab – blockbuster & never ending story

Resolved patent disputes

With Abbvie and Alvotech having solved their patent disputes, market entry for new biosimilars for adalimumab applicable for various indications might speed up.

The patent protection of the originator product  Humira ® has expired in the EU in 2017, though due to complex patent claim development and market launch of non-component material using biosimilars was not possible until 2022.


What makes this molecule so special?

Adalimumab is a monoclonal antibody targeting TNF-a, which makes it applicable for various indications. Since 2013 it is THE blockbuster product, just recently ranking only 2nd in worldwide ranking due to Covid-19 based market interruptions.

Biosimilar manufacturers worldwide have therefore chosen this target and the list of available biosimilars is respectively long.


Testing of biosimilars

Monoclonal antibodies always need extensive testing on (i) physico-chemical and (ii) functional/binding properties.


VelaLabs provides tailormade assays

VelaLabs can provide analytics for both categories using HPLC, cell-based-assays, SPR and ELISA analytics.

Learn more about Adalimumab in our Fact Sheet HERE.


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